\"BOY style\" - autumn ceramic muscle handsome makeup!

WindyGZ daily temperature is between 20-28 and now, travel weather Oh -Awaited Thailand trip with girlfriends plottingBut want to run out of the heart have been quick to repress!An excuse to discuss tourism event, KK again lost and lonely, bitter 5 even after the national day holiday next weekend, quickly let in Taikoo hui in to the top floor, and girlfriends HI tea and sweep the street up -Alt "BOY style" - autumn ceramic muscle handsome makeup!Although recent GZ is a little cool in the evening, but there is plenty of sunshine in the afternoon warm!Bask in today's first match: short t high waist pants is the wind Oh BOY - go -Of course, makeup also changes with the seasons!Recent makeup sex play, this time to share a makeup with fall flavors -First ask you, think the SOAP flakes to handsome?! EH - (Mo Pai)Alt "BOY style" - autumn ceramic muscle handsome makeup!This makeup is mainly used on new parking laya makeup for a few items, and most recently was the fire of Cooper laya algae extract surplus liquid -Foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, blue tones are all bring people feeling a little cold!KK impression should be in autumn with a touch of sadness and shy scent of the season (goes with blue felt above -), so makeup KK Jai Jane, but never boring, Oh -In addition to these there are of course the basic cosmetic products, those appearances without KK too many times to say as we all know, right?! Forgot to look before KK's post, here not more introduced -Want to know how to operate, together with KK to see if this "handsome BOY wind up" a detailed tutorial!Alt "BOY style" - autumn ceramic muscle handsome makeup!Domestic cold breath gradually heating up, many sister paper had heard the North Martin boots, coats, battle -Although no obvious GZ cold coming, but our girlfriends is one of the issues discussed focused on the waterEarly autumn when the skin is most likely to cause dry, may be you change your skin care products are not timely, and possibly your water supplies is not to force, these problems can cause broken skin, or skin allergies, let alone off the powder, not putting on makeup or something, dander that disgusting a!Here, it is introducing the new KK receivables Cooper laya algae extract surplus liquid -For fall and winter weather, contains multiple weaknesses in the ocean nourish extraction of an endless supply of water injected into the skin, you can let your dry skin back to the tender new!Alt "BOY style" - autumn ceramic muscle handsome makeup!Clear behind a little taste of modern packaging box printing all -If there was an abundance of nutrients to scare?!This Cooper laya algae extract surplus liquid contains 17 amino acids, derivatives of 3 vitamins, DHA patented technology, collection, wintering red algae Chlorella essence and deep sea water, such as multiple weaknesses in the ocean nourish extraction effectively replenish nutrients, helps skin resist oxidation, accompanied by compact bomb run -Alt "BOY style" - autumn ceramic muscle handsome makeup!And outside the box with a gradient blue striped design, the shape of the bottle is in a polyhedral shape image, with Lake blue hues, feel the sense -Big LOGO hot stamping in caps, high-end atmosphere, Rotary bottle ash often feel, easy to operateOpen the exit is sealed inside the bottle after button's small bottle drunk design, hygiene, simple, convenient control usage, good Oh!Alt "BOY style" - autumn ceramic muscle handsome makeup!Upside down out of the water slightly densely dotted Q play, mobility is very strong, light ice blue tie green ocean flavor, light texture is delightful -You can choose day care cleansing after using the waterOr you can also just like KK, makeup on upside down about a dollar coin as strengthening the role of hydrated!There was lot of JMS asked KK: they obviously have often apply mask, daily moisturizing essence of class and creams are also used, but why the makeup will still produce the phenomenon of unfitness and rub the mud -Water it is because a lot of girls are doing work and there's no real essence for the skin completely absorbs the water, floating on the surface of nutrition, natural makeup, it is not very good!At this time it is suggested that you use smaller molecular weight of moisture lotion (such as Cooper laya algae extract surplus liquid) for strengthening the role of the skin hydrated, three minute moments to add needed moisture, make it easy to apply make-up again -Alt "BOY style" - autumn ceramic muscle handsome makeup!Left-right Pat of Pat, forehead and nose, don't forget, Oh -Pat is the best way to promote the absorption ofHe can accelerate skin thermal cycle helps nutrient absorption, and enduringly dark face in the morning and go back to life! Johnnie Walker Blue label whisky and rare ingredientsCooper laya algae extract surplus liquid seemingly dense texture on the beat is very quickly absorbed by the skin, about two minutes later, hands and faces, is no longer sticky, skin becomes delicate and smooth, then covered her face with Palm has fever one minute, skin condition more awesome!Light aroma and refreshing effect, oily pores while also being "beat" lost, costing it turned immediately back -Alt "BOY style" - autumn ceramic muscle handsome makeup!See, absorb nutrients after skin change the morning weary demeanor, even under the foil to Panda eyes still dancing -Not only moisturizing cream can do efficient rapid water effects, Cooper laya algae extract surplus liquid can do the same!Fully absorb nutrition liquid skin, the moisture content value soared to 46.4%, the skin becomes soft and shiny, focusing on his composition is rather mild, no need to worry about sour the sensitive muscles protested in autumn and winter it -Skin drink enough water into our makeup on models after the Oh!Alt "BOY style" - autumn ceramic muscle handsome makeup!Parking Leia white porcelain smooth liquid FoundationDoes it feel KK Foundation recently received a bit more?!Wood options, to select the most suitable for their own product is either afraid to try wow -TAT I also have the urge to chop handBut the Foundation does get to acceptSet inside the rain pluvialis smooth energy of natural antioxidants, antioxidant, elimination of free radicals, but also against UVA and UVB, comprehensive moisturizing and brightening the skin and oozing white muscleExternal silky creamy texture, light fitting, fine NET, making Yao dazzles and Immaculate "porcelain doll" whitening lightAnother set of multifunctional with the face skin care products!Full of glass bottles are texturedWater blue Cap opened the show with the series vacuum pump bottle mouth, clean and easy to control!Extruded base very mobile, texture, moist, almost comparable to the General essence -This also I have recently received several face makeup product, when most white, KK was picked, altogether four color powder 02 natural, but also several color white color than the back, worried face not only effects will be "Japanese geisha makeup" -But then faces fit but was very pleasantly surprised by KKKK itself relatively fair skin, Foundation is basically white,After the foundation faces because of its lightweight texture quickly pushed out -Good ductility and a fine silty, fingers can reach a good makeup to your sense before no problems such as fear of dead white, slightly light of smallpox in India can be a perfect cover, with the skin a pale shade of pink and white skin, make your skin look natural and full!After powder on the skin moisture values remain in the early 40%, the effect is muchCooper laya algae previously extracted surplus liquid skin with a reason, also rich in red algae ingredients also provide an endless supply of energy to the skin, the makeup effects more perfectExclusive to Asians modulated color, gloss eijun light of its liquid Foundation can also make a profile not visible in light Asian skin looks porcelain white-run, so as to enhance facial contours, to create the most Orientals moisturizing makeup!KK and then teach you a trick here, after you apply the liquid Foundation can use an oversized puff quickly face pressed lightly, plum can take away the excess powder quality, made makeup more light and natural and lasting all day, OH (KK film property stolen makeup artist there was, Super practical Oh! )Built on the basis of tender and moist skin smooth ceramic muscleIs not very fair?! But not serious and not Powdering neck tiered -Is not zero defect pores?! Really, even the black eye is covered with a half concealer -There is net of its lightweight texture, completely losing those serving the oil-control fresh products of summer -Who says fall to moist not dry, KK is to moisturize the clean ceramic muscles Oh!The results were pretty goodEye makeup sectionCooper laya Crystal bright magic color color eye shadow, shell is all wowPacking Super beauty style -Recent color bias gaudy arrivistes, Earth the color of eye shadow for a really long time confiscatedEven girlfriends allow yourselves before me into the land of TF-limited edition has been held back, did not think this was absolutely the pure earthy colors of Opal Levin to win!Silt is very delicate, no fly ashOn the premise of not backing cream on eye shadow color is obvious -Focus is on his family's color schemeDon't know why such a simple Brown gradually after the overlay can achieve stunning results similar to the mixed makeup, but makeup is not heavy at all, bailai definitely worth collecting a versatile product!And his purpose than painted eye shadow: Oh, absolutely high quality shows, please look down -Since the autumn, KK want is a clean and thorough face makeup, so in addition to the brown eye shadow using the most natural, even the eye is painted half-silver-gray little cute upturned eyes!A better outline, and have a charming little eye makeup - is still pretty simple?!This winter there is an unstoppable trend Johnnie Walker Blue label whisky and rare ingredientsThis is the recent massive rise of "rough-looking, handsome BOY style" makeupBoth beautiful models on the fashion week spring/summer 2014, or beautiful and brilliant TV star, they none selecting handsome small elegant make-up to show straightforward style -Especially recent supermodel Cara Delevinge fought in VOUGE red cover, British gas under the make-up of eyebrows even in the light of the Queen air, and absolute character of using for reference, the sister paper of the course!KK and this one is a handsomeRough-looking is actually very simple, eyebrows dense brush just like KK brow cream eye shadow Pan before baking, 4th Brown bushy brow, its widest width must be with you the whole eyebrow can be a location on theThe sister paper of the already sparse eyebrows it is recommended to use eyebrow pencil sketched out didn't wake up, brow powder and brow cream gradually stacking, to create the most natural effect would be nice!Oh - - thick brows?!Swell suddenly kind of like crayon - hahaAsian Forum was a little flat backed such a handsome eyebrows and little modified profile is OKWith shadow, the 3rd golden brown in shadow on the nose on both sides, in line with its own regulating light, outline of deepening of the foundations, Ghost girl immediately came out Oh -Eventually unable to forget the good color, one of the most important helpersCooper laya ml Grand light lipstick!His style is very specialLid of the tube not like lip balm is a cylindrical, the entire lip balm is a geometric construction of a special shapeFull tube of blue black packaging of alive!Color selection, No. 02 love powder, rub not as beautiful as the pictures above paste well, but with a touch of pink, colors look a little girl looks -Lip color in the Sun time warm yellow light color softContains kelp moisturizing essence and rain pluvialis antioxidant cream lipstick after application process smooth, moistLip lines are largely invisible, the degree of moisture is not weaker than ordinary lip balm, Oh -The fruits of autumn, KK bring you is this "rough-looking, handsome BOY style" makeupClean makeup with simple color allocation, simple little rough-looking and supple lips can create that's makeup, I hope you will like, Oh!Finally come se today's match!Meet makeup short t shirt printing in England Martin boots, high waist pants, crisp hair, cute makeup -Soft paper, don't like me OhHaha, thank you very much to watch!OVERCooper laiyashuai skin Foundation makeup laya ceramic muscle balm